All regular monthly meetings are 10am to noon at the Lincoln Events Centre, Meijer Drive, Lincoln, New Zealand.

There is no door charge for members.

Guests may come once for a charge of $5. Membership application forms will be available at each meeting.

2020 Programme

29 January 2020
Dr Joseph Neal, Professor of Weed Science, North Carolina University, USA

His presentation will focus on Glyphosate (Roundup) Safety Update Status and Controversies in the USA.Dr Joe Neal has been here for a few months collaborating with Dr Graeme Bourdot, Weed Scientist at Ag. Research. His expertise includes weed management in nursery crops, landscape plantings and Christmas trees. Research and extension programmes focus on optimising weed control programmes for cost effective weed control and environmental stewardship and biological control of weeds.

26 February 2020
Associate Prof Amy Fletcher, University of Canterbury – American Politics

My major research area is science, technology and environmental policy. I focus on the integration of the computer science and biotechnological sectors and the impact of exponential technological change on public policies and society. My current specific interests include artificial intelligence/automation and employment, the impact of AI on the higher education sector, and disruptive biotechnologies in health and the environment. Research questions that I consider include: 1) what happens after new technologies ‘leave the lab’ and enter society; 2) what ethical and political challenges do new technologies pose; 3) how can scientific and technological innovation be fostered through smart regulation and community engagement; 4) what would it mean to “enhance” humans with advanced technologies and what might be the political and ethical implications? I also have an ongoing research interest in public engagement, science communication and methods for community engagement and scenario/foresight analysis.

25 March 2020
The AGM will be at 10am followed by the talk.
Dr. Rebecca Stack – Ophthalmologist – Clinical Director for the CDHB Eye Department and with Southern Eye Specialists

22 July 2020
Kathryn Jones of the Laura Fergusson Trust Canterbury.
The Trust is one of three providers nationally to offer a specialist brain injury residential rehabilitation service. Their mission statement is:- Our mission is to facilitate autonomy, inclusion, involvement and independence for people with impairments and their families/whanau. We have over 180 staff involved in providing rehabilitation and support service to our clients. The Laura Fergusson Trust plays a leading role in providing traumatic brain injury rehabilitation in the South Island and aims to provide patients with the skills they need to return to their lives as quickly as possible.

29 July 2020
Dr. Paul Scofield, Senior Curator Natural History, Canterbury Museum
Professor Paul Scofield has worked at the Canterbury Museum since 2001 and is now Senior Curator Natural History. He is also an adjunct Professor in the School of Geological Sciences at the University of Canterbury. He will speak to us about the “Squarwkzilla” exhibition at the Canterbury Museum. This exhibition features the monster birds and animals excavated from a site at St. Bathans, in which he was very involved. Many of our members will have seen this exhibition, which featured our tropical and previously unknown past

26 August 2020
Professor Steve Chambers will talk on Legionnaires Disease.
Professor Steve Chambers is the former Clinical Head of Infectious Diseases. His research interests relate to diagnostics in respiratory infections, the treatment of infectious diseases and intermediary metabolism with particular emphasis on the relationship between bacterial and human metabolism.

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