Croquet group

Some of our members play Croquet at the United Croquet Club in North Hagley Park, Christchurch. There are some car parks at the club and the 80 bus stops very close to United Croquet Club.

We play two forms of croquet. The traditional form (called Association Croquet) requires a while to understand. The newer form of Golf Croquet can be picked up in a few minutes and you can play, and with practice and experience develop your skills and understand the tactics.

At the beginning of the croquet season (September/October) a group will be organised to learn the game over a few weeks free of charge. If you wish to continue you can join the club at the special rate of $75 for the first season.

If you are interested in trying out croquet, please use the form below and we can arrange an introduction and coaching.

Convenor: John Yarrall