Science group

Membership is open. The group meets 2pm on the third Tuesday of the month.

Convenor: John Yarrall

If you wish to join the science group use the contact form below to contact the convenor.

The group will meet monthly to listen to or discuss topics in science and mathematics.

It is hoped that group members will present talks on various topics, although there is no obligation for group members to do this.

Alternatively, the group may watch and discuss a TED talk or some other resource.

The group will meet in members’ homes unless the group is too large and requires a larger room.


19 Nov 2019 – Cooking and the Control of Fire
17 Dec 2019 – Probable and Possible Future Energy Sources
21 Jan 2020 – The Periodic table
18 Feb 2020 – Practical power generation, including demonstrations by members
17 Mar 2020 – Metrology, Weights and measures
21 Apr 2020 – Latitude & longitude. Measuring the earth

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