The AGM of U3A Ellesmere Incorporated will be held 10am Wednesday 27 March 2024, during the regular monthly meeting.

Nominations close Friday 19 March 2021.
Delivery instructions are on the nomination form.
U3A Ellesmere Nomination 2021 form

Current nominations

Position Nominee Proposer Seconder
President John Smith Lena Metcalf David Rogers
Vice president David Rogers John Smith Anne Smith
Co-Treasurers Jane Brunton
Mureen Turfrey
Lena Metcalf
John Smith
John Smith
Lena Metcalf
Secretary (Minute) Lyn Minchington Lena Metcalf John Smith
Committee Lorraine Bampton Lena Metcalf John Smith
Carole Bourdȏt Lena Metcalf John Smith

Draft agenda

  1. Attendance and apologies
  2. Confirmation of agenda
  3. Minutes of previous AGM
  4. President’s report
  5. Treasurer’s report
  6. Secretary’s report
  7. Interest group reports
  8. Election of committee
  9. Subscription rate
  10. General business