A tour of Lincoln University art collection

The Natural History Group combined with the small Art Appreciation group on Friday 14 August 2015. They had a tour of the Art at Lincoln University, and also learnt about the history and future development. The convenor, Lena, was told that they had a very good collection of Art (yes it is of National Significance), but she had no idea of the volume and range, featuring many well known artists, and the pieces in the collection were also very visible inside and outside many buildings. This was a fascinating tour, hosted by Alison Gardner, and we didn’t see all of the art either. Unfortunately it was a very cold day, which meant some members were unable to come. However Ann Collingwood intends to take the Art Appreciation group there again, so there will be another opportunity.

The Natural History group will tour K&L Flower Growers in Days Road on Thursday September 10th. They have won awards for their innovative development of efficient energy use. An email with further details will be sent to members of this group.

Visit the Natural History group’s page.

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